Terms and Conditions

Your Contribution

Your sponsorship contribution or donation is being made to Child Sponsorship Services, a dba of BrightPoint for Children, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions made to BrightPoint for Children are 100% tax deductible under IRS regulations unless otherwise specified at the time of the donation.

Donor contributions are subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, in their sole discretion and for any reason, may choose not to accept any contribution. Prior to month end, our staff will review the contribution on behalf of and at the direction of the Board. During this period between the date of the contribution and the end-of-month review, refunds can be requested by the donor in writing. Once accepted by the Board at the end-of-month review, the contribution is irrevocable and controlled by the Board. It is therefore non-refundable at that time.

By committing to a sponsorship or other contribution on this website, the Donor is recommending to the Board of Directors that a grant be made to His Love and SonShine, a ministry of Seek and Serve, Inc., for the benefit of the children they serve, Grant recommendations are not binding and are subject to review and approval of the Board, but the Board will strongly consider the Donor’s recommendation. The Board has a responsibility to ensure that His Love and SonShine follows their stewardship responsibilities. The Donor’s grant request will only be withheld if stewardship principles are not being followed by His Love and SonShine.

The grant, once received and approved, will be forwarded to His Love and SonShine in the following month after the sponsorship or donation is received. If a grant is not made, BrightPoint will notify the Donor to determine next steps with the Donor’s contribution.

The Donor who participates in the sponsorship program is provided with the opportunity to build a healthy relationship with a specific child. However, the funds contributed will be pooled together to provide monthly support for all of the children being served in the program.

Method of Payment

You authorize Child Sponsorship Services to charge your account at the frequency and in the amounts designated by you during the donation or sponsorship sign-up process. All amounts will be billed via the method of payment you designate. 

Tax Statements

By January 31 of each year, we will provide you with a statement itemizing each of your contributions in the previous calendar year.  With some contributions we may give you an individual receipt of your donation, but our standard practice will be to provide to you an annual summary statement as written acknowledgment of your contribution(s).